Battle of the bog is no contest

The battle between humans and nature is no contest so far in Legionville, Minn., where a wayward bog clearly intends to make the beach at Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center its permanent home.

A week or so ago, the bog, which floated its way to the beach last fall, toyed with a flotilla of boaters who thought they could lasso the island and tow it away.

Plan B — or C, or E, or J; we’ve lost track — is to treat it like a Minnesota dessert; slice it up until there’s just a microscopic piece left. Then just leave it for someone else to take.

That’s not going all that well, either, the Brainerd Dispatch says.

On Thursday, volunteers tried to move a small piece, but the bog was having none of it.

“We got it moved some, but we didn’t have enough boats,” Kevin Martini of the state Department of Natural Resources tells the Star Tribune. “Not all our volunteers showed up. So we didn’t get it moved out to where we wanted it, and out of there.”