How do you move a floating bog? You don’t

The plan to move a huge floating bog on North Long Lake near Brainerd, Minn., seemed a little far fetched to succeed but you have to admire the spunk of the area.

The floating bog made landfall last October on the beach of the Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center, which would like its beach back.

The bog — basically a floating island of trees and aquatic plants — broke off and floated around the lake for a bit before it came ashore.

It’s about the size of three football fields.

How hard can it be to get a bunch of people with boats to pull a small island back where it belongs?


There’s probably a science lesson here somewhere; boats creating a current against the bog’s intended direction of travel would figure to be part of it. Excavators tried pushing from shore. That didn’t work either.

KARE 11 says bog movers are moving to Plan B.