‘Enjoy what you have, and eat Oreo cookies’

Kelly Pflanzer, of Milwaukee, posted a video to YouTube today (language warning) , which is something when you consider she died two weeks ago.

She had cancer and, according to Jim Stingl of the Milwaukee Journal, she laughed her way through to its conclusion.

For 22 straight years, she was the champ of the beer keg and fry pan tossing contests at the summer festival in Okauchee, Wis. “Nobody would sign up anymore if they saw my name,” she said. Then she found out in 2012 that she had cancer and she made videos of her journey.

“Just enjoy what you have,” she advised in a rare serious moment in one of her most recent videos. “And eat Oreo cookies.”

Stingl says the urn containing her ashes will be in accordance with her wishes: adorned with the green M&M mascot and the words, “You want a piece of me?”.