The legend of Bruno ends by the side of the road

Bruno might be the most famous dog in Minnesota because every day he went for a walk, four miles into town to visit the folks there.

He was so popular, they built a statue of him in Longville, Minn.

Yesterday, a driver in the town killed the 14-year-old legend, the Star Tribune reports.

“A lot of people said if you’d kept him inside he’d have never gotten run over,” said Larry LaVallee, Bruno’s owner.

Boy, there’s some classy words of comfort to someone who just lost their dog.

“Well, they don’t know what kind of dog he was. He was a free spirit.”

It seems everyone had a Bruno story. Once in town, he would wander all day, napping in the real estate office, waiting for scraps of meat behind the grocery store and stopping for a doughnut or ice cream treat.

“Honestly, he never would have stayed inside,” said Teri Borkowski, whose family has lived near Longville for 20 years. “He would have found a way out to go visit.”

Borkowski said Bruno was more like a reincarnated human than a dog. “He really didn’t care who gave him love,” she said. “He’d just take it.”

Condolences may be paid on Bruno’s Facebook page.

Be more dog. Be less human.