Lesbian told not to bother applying for Rochester Catholic school coaching job

Katie Erbe-Shea, one of Minnesota’s best high school basketball players back in the day, will not be getting the head coaching job at Lourdes High School, the Catholic high school in Rochester, Minn.

She was told not to bother applying because she’s married to a woman, the Rochester Post-Bulletin reports.

Erbe-Shea says she had been in contact with a school official about the freshman and junior varsity coaching job and had discussed what her plan for coaching the kids would be.

Then she got word that there’d be no deal.

“My personal life would have nothing to do with what kind of coach I would be and how I’d coach those girls” she tells the paper. “This just hit me like a ton of bricks.”

“I would have never believed in 2018 that they would come back with something like that,” she tells Med City Beat.

“I was pretty much offered the job,” she explained, “and then the next day, I was told I would never be able to coach for them.”

The director or Rochester Catholic Schools says she couldn’t comment because Erbe-Shea never submitted her application.