Man who killed a girl in hit-and-run is killed in a hit-and-run

The coming days will be a test of whether Douglas Parkhurst, 68, of West Newfield, Maine, will be granted redemption by public opinion. Can a person be both a hero and a reviled figure from the past?

In 2013, Parkhurst waited until after the statute of limitation had run out before he walked into a Fulton, N.Y., police station and admitted being behind the wheel of the car that killed Carolee Ashby.

She was just 4 years old. He was drunk.

“I know in my heart and I am 99.9 percent sure I hit that little girl with my 1962 tan Buick Special. I am oh so sorry. I can’t change anything but I hope this apology will be accepted and I beg for forgiveness,” he wrote in a four-page confession.

He didn’t get it and he subsequently moved away. To Maine.

Last Friday evening he was at a Babe Ruth game at a local park when a woman — she was drunk — tried to run her car onto the field.

Parkhurst quickly tried to close a gate while he and coaches tried to get the kids out of the way, one of whom was Parkhurst’s grandson.

He was struck and killed, the Portland Press Herald reports.