Mora nurse-in to defend right of mothers to feed their kids

Two women fed their babies at a public swimming pool in Mora, Minn., this week and that’s the sort of thing that people call the cops on in Mora.

Sit tight, Mora. You’re about to get a pool full of nursing women.

The Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office tells Fox 9 that things got heated on Wednesday when a woman, and then a staff member, told the nursing mothers to “cover up.”

“Our staff politely asked them to be more discrete or relocate to another area at the MAC. When they did not, it created an untenable situation and our public safety team was brought in to assist the MAC staff,” a statement from the city said.

Untenable? Meet Minnesota Statute 145.905, Mora:

“A mother may breast-feed in any location, public or private, where the mother and child are otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breast-feeding.”

“I was so taken aback I didn’t even have the opportunity to react,” Stephanie Buchanan tells the Kanabec County Times.

As she was leaving, she was met by a police sergeant who, fortunately, had a clue and knew it’s not against the law to breastfeed a baby in public.

“I was so humiliated,” Buchanan said. “Everyone was staring at us at the pool. I went home and cried to my husband. I have never, ever, had this happen before. It was just unbelievable. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It just kept getting worse.”

A nurse-in on Saturday at the pool is intended to reinforce the rights of mothers to feed their children, according to a Facebook event listing.

This Nurse-In is a PEACEFUL demonstration that us Mamas can and will nurse when we want and where we want. (Do not knock people for formula feeding and steer away from breast is best). This is about our legal right to nurse in public as a result of our decision to breastfeed (not about a debate of formula vs breastmilk).

Us Mama Bears gotta stick together and in unity there is strength! We can nurse anywhere, and in any way we choose under the Minnesota State Law. The biological purpose for woman’s breast is to feed and nourish our babies and I am so sick of being shamed for what I feel is best for my child! If anyone is interested we are going to have a Nurse in outside the Mora Pool this Saturday at Noon. If you are not a currently nursing mother but what to show your support feel free to come and join in on the fun. Us Mamas can nurse, let the kiddos play, make signs, and just show our support for one another!

** This is not a personal attack on the pool, it’s staff, or the police. This incident was created by a woman’s issue about another woman breast feeding her child. We just want to normalize breastfeeding and bring some awareness to this. Our breasts were created for this sole purpose so why do we get bashed when using them appropriately… ***