The Twins’ problem? They’re boring

The Minnesota Twins return to Target Field tonight after a disastrous road trip. Abandon all hope, ye who enter. It’s over.

Division leader Cleveland has played mediocre baseball all season, and they now have a 12-game lead over the Twins.

The trade deadline is coming at the end of the month and, according to local baseball scribes, the Twins will be selling players, which is a little surprising because they don’t have many players anyone who’s in a pennant race needs enough to give up much for.

It’s going to be ugly at Target Field for the rest of the season, unfortunately.

What could make a visit there more entertaining? Some personality would help.

The Twins not only have too many mediocre players; they have too many players with zero personality on the field. It’s just the Twins way.

What the Twins need is someone like Keon Broxton of the Milwaukee Brewers, who robbed the soon-to-be-traded Brian Dozier of a home run in the ninth inning and then didn’t mind showing how happy he was to do so.

Personality doesn’t make up for winning, of course. But why would anyone want to show up for a baseball game if the players don’t look like they’re all that interested in being there and find losing to be entirely acceptable?

Maybe Carlos Gomez can be had.