A Wisconsin man’s dog ‘lick of death’

It could’ve been any of the eight dogs Greg Manteufel was near that delivered the fateful lick.

Fever and vomiting were the first signs. Then he became delirious and the fever got higher.

Then, The Washington Post reports, Manteufel’s wife rushed the 48-year-old to the hospital.

He was so bruised, the paper reports, it looked like he had been beaten.

Manteufel had sepsis, a blood infection.

The source: a dog lick on his arm. The pooch had bacteria in its saliva.

From the Post: “The bacteria, called Capnocytophaga canimorsus, ‘just attacked him,’ [his wife] Dawn said, and it did so quickly and aggressively. To save his life, doctors had to cut his legs from the knee down, and then his hands.”

Don’t let this story scare you, though. Cases like this are extremely rare. Read the Post’s story here.