Adults to kids: ‘There’s no fun in baseball’

It’s Little League World Series season, the annual exercise in which kids provide regular lessons on sportsmanship to adults who don’t get it.

In a regional playoff game this week, Evan Blake of the Pittsfield (Mass.) team, hit a mammoth homerun.

The kids from Rhode Island had every right to be grumpy; they were already losing 9-to-1 when Blake unleashed his 12-year-old power.

Instead he got high-fives from his opponents on the trot around the bases.

Little League posted the video to its Facebook page.

It was red meat for the adults, like this one:

Can we please stop with celebrating our opponents success. This is competitive sports! I would of pulled every kid who high five the kid rounding the bases. Even the pitcher met him at the plate to celebrate with him. Get the F out of here!! All these respect your opponent, participation trophies, and hugging your friend after you struck him out to win a state championship has to stop!!

“This world is doomed we’re so soft,” a Twitter commenter added.

Yes, that’s our problem, all right.

Other adults suggested the kid is lying about his age.

It’s been that way with all the game highlights around the country Little League has been posting.

Finally today, the organization had its fill of adults.

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Posted by Little League on Thursday, August 9, 2018