The Timberwolves season is a disaster and it hasn’t even started yet

Former Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio spoke for a lot of fans when he tweeted his reaction to the news that Jimmy Butler, a star of the current team, wants out of Minnesota.

A social media war has broken out among Timberwolves players, waged mostly through surrogates, but revealing what the various whispers suggested: players on the team don’t like each other much.

The Star Tribune’s Jerry Zgoda reported that Andrew Wiggins’ brother posted — then deleted — a tweet that said ““Hallelujah” after the Butler news broke.

Back to you, Jimmy Butler.

The row set off a social media feud between ESPN’s NBA analyst Stephen Jackson who questioned Wiggins’ heart and consistency.

The big losers in all this: The poor sap who works for the Minnesota Timberwolves calling people today to try to sell season tickets to Team Dysfunction.

“On the bright side, and we’re reaching here, at least the Wolves won’t have to spend all year pretending everything is fine,” Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp writes today.