Racist Arkansas campaign ad has some MN funding

The guy is right; there really are no words.

The fact that almost every reasonable person who listens to an ad in support of an Arkansas Republican congressman’s re-election thinks it’s fake offers at least a glimpse of hope that there are still people who realize the problem with it.

It’s not fake.

The congressman condemned the ad.

Vernon Robinson, the treasurer of Black Americans for the President’s Agenda, told NBC News on Thursday he disagreed with the characterization that the ad featured racist stereotypes.

Robinson is a failed North Carolina congressional candidate with some experience in racial tropes. He once called himself “the black Jesse Helms.”

The largest donors to the PAC are mostly wealthy, white Republicans in Florida. One exception is donor Chaska Hall Reitz, of Roseville, according to OpenSecrets.org. Reitz donated $1,000 last month.

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