Urns, ashes gathering dust at funeral homes

Why would people not pick up the urns containing the ashes of their loved ones?

WDAY reports that funeral homes have a growing supply of ashes. People either forgot to pick them up or maybe just left them behind on purpose.

“Ohhh I probably have some urns here that have been here for twenty years,” Chuck Standal of West-Kjos Funeral Home in Detroit Lakes said. “It’s hard to understand why people wouldn’t claim them.”


It happens all the time. Standal says a typical funeral home probably has 20 to 30 urns stored on a shelf somewhere.

“Every spring we try to contact people. Some we don’t make contact with, some we talk to every year and urge them to come in and receive them into their care, but for some reason or another it doesn’t happen,” Standal said.

The funeral home could just bury them or scatter them to the wind but the funeral home directors worry that as soon as they do so, someone will come looking for them. Then what?