After band’s bus crashes, rival team band learns fight song in time for game

From the Department of The Best Kids are the Band Kids:

The University of Washington and Washington State University played their big rivalry game Friday, but the UW band couldn’t make it to the game. One of the the three buses carrying the band overturned on a highway on the way to the game in Pullman and the band canceled the trip.

There would be no traditional playing of the University of Washington fight song at the game.

So the staff and kids of the Washington State University band spent much of Friday afternoon reworking their on-field marching and learning a new song.

On Friday night, they played their rival’s fight song — “Bow Down to Washington” — while marching in a “W” formation.

“Yesterday, when we heard there was an accident and there was a possibility they might not come, it was, ‘What can we do? How can we show our support?” Washington State band director Troy Bennefield said. “It was let’s play the (fight song). Since they are not here, we thought it would be the easiest and most impactful way to show our solidarity with them.”