Cake posing turkey as stripper runs afoul of sex workers

Truer words were never spoken than those by Abby Jiminez, owner of Nadia Cakes in two Twin Cities suburbs, who seems as surprised as anyone that there would be a market for a cake depicting a turkey’s butt with a thong surrounded by dollar bills.

“I was kind of surprised at how many people wanted this,” she tells the Star Tribune.

They’ve sold out.

What would inspire such a thing? Let me ruin your Thanksgiving dinner with the answer. This:

(Video animation by Joel Erkkinen of St. Paul)

Now, if that disgusts you, keep in mind that on your plate tomorrow will be a pile of bread stuffed into and then pulled out of a turkey’s tookus.

So this is hardly the initial salvo in a battle of weird Thanksgiving things.

Jiminez’ initial instinct was that this would be a bad idea, she tells the Strib. But when she saw a photo of it from her cake designer, she posted it on Instagram and people started clamoring for one.

They sold out in a day.

The paper says it was a big hit with corporate events, which tells us it’s business as usual at Twin Cities corporations.

A group of sex workers, however, protested the idea and Jiminez agreed.

Jiminez tells the Star Tribune she’s giving up on the idea of a Christmas version complete with a “tramp stamp.”

(h/t: Paul Tosto)