Joe Mauer caps career with the perfect retirement

Joe Mauer has decided to retire from baseball, he announced in a letter to fans.

In it, he said the answer to whether he should retire or not came in the last game.

“I realized in that moment that this was how I wanted to finish my career,” he wrote.


You can’t mess with perfection and for baseball fans, the gift of the sport are the rare moments of perfection.

Jack Morris’ 10-inning game, Carlton Fisk’s 1975 homerun in game six, Puckett’s “we’ll see you tomorrow night” blast, and Kirk Gibson’s pinch-hit “I can’t believe what I just saw” World Series homer might rank a bit higher than what we saw in that last game on the scale of perfect moments, but not by much.

That Mauer, too, recognizes when it’s time to go, is a testament to his greatness. That two little girls get a full-time dad is reason for celebration, too.

In just the last game alone, he gave us more than we ever had a right to ask for.