Minn. social studies teacher accepts write-in win for the kids

In a state where people will vote for someone, knowing only that the candidate’s name is “Anderson,” the people of Kenyon, Minn., distinguished themselves in this month’s election with a write-in vote.

Only one person had stepped forward to run for one of two City Council seats that were on the ballot in Kenyon.

If you’re going to win a write-in campaign, it helps to have a simple name because by law the first and last name must be spelled correctly.

So it’s impressive that Dan Rechtzigel is the new City Council member, the Kenyon Leader reports.

It didn’t hurt that, unbeknown to Rechtzigel, the mayor was suggesting people vote for him.

He got 36 of 176 votes and has decided to accept the gig.

“I thought about it a lot over the weekend, and decided that there must be a reason for this to have happened. I’m not sure what the reason is, but Kenyon is my home and I wasn’t going to turn my back on a community that has been so good to me and that I love dearly,” Rechtzigel tells the paper.

He teaches social studies at the high school and said it wouldn’t be right to teach kids about civic responsibility and then turn down the job.