MN family survives the great cricket debacle of 2018

The struggle is real in rural Minnesota, people. Oh, sure, you city slickers have it pretty easy when you need a bunch of crickets for whatever you need crickets for. But in rural Minnesota? It’s cricket eat cricket out there.

Christopher Ingraham, the Washington Post writer who moved to Red Lake County without properly checking the cricket situation a few years ago, is finding that out. The cricket store is pretty far away (North Dakota) when you live out in the parts of the state where you can actually hear crickets, but the investment in rural broadband is really paying off.

He told his story on Twitter:

When you have a blog or a column, everything is worthy of a post. Ingraham’s editor demanded a column on crickets. He got a column on crickets.

And now, the nation couldn’t give a damn about Fergus Falls.

All comments are mandatory reading.

(h/t: Marcheta Fornoff)

[Update 1:17 p.m.] Here’s how to not let this happen to you.