Snickers salad makes a Brainerd woman famous

Here at NewsCut, we have always believed that you can tell a lot about people and families by their salads. Grape salad, for example, practically screams Minnesotan. You’ve probably heard.

Snickers salad? Why, it screams “charming 88-year-old family matriarch.”

Over Thanksgiving, Lois Nystrom’s grandson, Thor, a writer for NBC Sports’ Rotoworld, set Lois on the path to candy salad and online fame when he posted about his nana’s specialty.

It got back to Snickers — because of course it did — and she got a care package with 15 different kinds of Snickers.

So over the weekend, the Nystrom family was living large.

Actually, none of the care package made it into the salad, Lois tells the Brainerd Dispatch. She donated it all to the Good Samaritan Society-Bethany senior apartments.

“Of course they loved them, the residents—the ones that could eat them, anyway, the ones who have teeth. They’re quite chewy. They’re gone, they’re all gone,” said Lois.

You can tell a lot about people by their salads.