Dylan reveals answer that’s blowing in the wind: it’s bad beer

As noted in this space previously, it is a law in Minnesota that media must elevate to a lofty news status anything with the words “Bob” and “Dylan” in the same sentence.

So, to avoid doing hard time, we interrupt our blog posting Wednesday to reveal that the Budweiser Super Bowl ad, which previously and traditionally focused on Clydesdales and puppies, is heavy on the Dylan this year.

Honestly, though, like the beer, it’s not very good.

In recent years, Budweiser has tried to make the brand appeal to a — shall we say — enlightened audience. Two years ago, for example, in the middle of the immigration debate, it was hard to miss the subtlety.

It’s all well and good, but forget Dylan. Forget politics. Show us the puppies and Clydesdales and get out of the way.

Nobody’s gonna cry listening to Dylan.