Never ask your husband to hide your jewelry

With the benefit of hindsight, Jane Lowe, of Halifax, N.S., realizes that she shouldn’t have asked her husband, Jim, to hide her good jewelry — worth about $50,000 — in case someone broke into their house while they were away.

In hindsight, Jim probably shouldn’t have stashed it in a bag of clothing.

There was one other chore that needed to be taken care of before their trip, but Jane took care of it herself: putting six bags of clothing in the driveway for a charitable organization to pick up.

You can see it coming, right?

Jane couldn’t, until two weeks later when they were back home getting ready for a party.

“I said, ‘Where’s my jewelry?’ And my husband said, ‘It’s in one of the bags in the attic.’ And then we realized what had happened,” she tells the CBC.

The clothing that was donated to Diabetes Canada is on its way to Africa. No, the CBC doesn’t say why the clothing is going to Africa but it’s likely the jewelry might be going there too. Or maybe it’s aleady been picked through at the thrift store.

“It doesn’t sound promising,” Jane tells the CBC. “It seems to have sort of disappeared without a trace.”

“My husband’s hopeful,” she said. “He said to me, ‘I’m surprised you didn’t cry.’ But I mean what do you do? It’s somewhat fruitless to get really worked up about it.”