Raising families? Survey says Minnesota’s No. 1 in the nation

Yes, we should be always skeptical of state rankings we see on the internet and deeply examine their methodologies. But, hey, seeing Minnesota at the top of some list of awesomeness never gets old.

This week it’s a really good one: a top ranking as the best state to raise a family.

Again, this is just one analysis from consumer financial website WalletHub, based on 49 metrics that range from household incomes, divorce rates, fun activities, education, health and safety.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel a little proud.


When you look at how the site compiled its ranking, Minnesota doesn’t take top billing in any of the five categories — affordability, socioeconomics, education and child care, health and safety, and family fun — but we’re within the top 10 spots for four of them.

Based on the analysis, our lowest score is in the “family fun” category, which according to the site’s methodology, is heavily weighted on the number of attractions available, followed by how many families have young children and their access to parks and recreational sports centers. We’re ranked at No. 13 for fun.

North Dakota, also scored high on the list at No. 3. Its ranking was likely weighed down by a much lower “family fun” score. Wisconsin also made the top 10 at No. 7.