Cruise survivors may go for another ride

Among the many things on the NewsCut Bucket List is “don’t go on a cruise.”

Maybe they’re lovely, relaxing things — just you and a few thousand others on a giant floating Petri dish. But the video and stories from passengers aboard the Viking Sky tell a different story.

“There was a chair coming at me with the legs,” Judy Lemieux, of Deer River, Minn., tells the Star Tribune, “and I thought it was going to take my eyes out. Then Rod grabbed me.”

Rodney Horgan says the ship was tipping side to side, and when it stopped, in came a six-foot wall of water.

The video aboard the ship won’t be in any cruise commercials.

People are being given a free cruise by the ship’s owner, but who would ever want to get on a cruise ship after that?

Rod Horgen

“I’m confident in them,” he tells the Strib.

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