Don’t drive with a pig on your lap

Now that the state is on the eve of banning the handheld use of cellphones, let’s talk pig, specifically driving with a pig on your lap.

Apparently a woman man in Chisago County did the other day back in October and that was the least of her his offenses, the sheriff’s department reports on its Facebook page.

Causes for #distracteddriving:✅ Talking on the📱✅ Texting 📲✅ Eating fast food 🍔✅ Changing the radio station 🎶✅…

Posted by Chisago County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A sergeant stopped the car after other drivers reported erratic driving.

Meanwhile, automakers are working overtime to add more bells and whistles sure to keep you distracted. Why? Because you want to drive this way, apparently.

Jalopnik reports today that a loaded app on your dashboard from Domino’s will allow you to order pizza while driving.

Once a customer logs in, the app will allow customers to order from Domino’s with just a few screen touches. The screen will display customers’ “Easy Order” (a preset favorite order) or the customers’ most recent order, allowing them to order quickly without reselecting individual items. It will also display order tracking so a driver knows just how much time they have to get home before the pizza arrives, or allow the driver to order by phone from the touchscreen. Xevo is currently installed in about 25 million vehicles worldwide, per

“At Domino’s, we want pizza ordering to be simple and always within reach, no matter where a customer happens to be,” Chris Roeser, director of digital experience at Domino’s, said in a statement announcing the partnership.

Fighting this is a lost cause.