Scott Simon has had it with internet commenters

NPR’s Scott Simon is coming to recognize what we all eventually do: people on the internet have no idea how to discuss anything in a civil manner.

On Saturday, Simon interviewed Jasylnn Gallegos, one of two female wrestlers whom wrestler Brendan Johnston, of Brighton, Colo., wouldn’t compete against because they are women. He forfeited those matches at the Colorado State Wrestling Championship last month (transcript).

“You know, just wrestle me,” she said when Simon asked her what message she has for the fellas. “You know, you might get pinned. You might win by one or two points. You might even pin me. But I’m definitely worth giving a match to, you know?”

NPR got rid of its comment section years ago, but still posts on Facebook, where the cesspool was open for business.

Big shock. In comments about a story on wrestling, an abortion and politics debate broke out.

On Monday on his Twitter account (rather than wading into the comments himself), Scott Simon had had enough.

That, of course, is howling at the moon on the internet.

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