‘Please take me seriously,’ boy, 10, pleads when asking how to start an airline

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness:

Alex Jacquot, 10, has spunk. Alan Joyce, the head of Quantas Airlines, likes spunk.

The story starts when Alex, having reached the age of peak cuteness, penned a letter to Joyce about Oceania, the airline Alex intends to start someday. Just one problem: He doesn’t actually know anything about starting an airline. So he went old school, and wrote a letter.

Note the handwriting, proper punctuation, and grammar. Old school, indeed.

Joyce, who knows a marketing opportunity when he sees it, wrote him back.

The company shared the letters on Twitter on Monday.

“He’s got notebooks full of flight numbers, he’s sorted out the menus on different flights,” Alex’s mother said of his preparation for the coming meeting.

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