Missing memories

People who lost everything in the tornadoes down south this week probably don’t have a computer left either, but big credit goes to a woman anyway who’s using Facebook to try to reunite people with their lost treasures.

And by treasures, we’re not talking about the big TV, the new jacket, the PlayStation, or the car. We’re talking about snapshots and memories, primarily.

Like these:





Tornadoes don’t just destroy the present; they destroy the past, too. If every picture tells a story, thousands of stories have disappeared.

So Patty Bullion of Alabama has created a Facebook page and is scanning in pictures of the past which have fallen in her neighborhood. She said a pregnant woman’s ultrasound photo was the first thing she found outside her house in the small town of Lester.

You can find the page here. As devastating as the images of the destruction have been in the last two days, these images may be even more heartbreaking.