The great, creepy clown search

Few things can get people as stirred up as the random appearance of a clown.

Spot Northampton's Clown on Facebook

The clown — and who doesn’t like writing a sentence that starts this way — started appearing in Northampton, England a few days ago.


“Too much hate not enough love,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

It gave the opportunity for the Northampton Herald & Post newspaper to write this once-in-a-lifetime lead:

Police have said they have not arrested any clowns this weekend.

The Atlantic jumped overboard, insisting the clown was “terrorizing” the town, although there appears to be no evidence of that being the case, other than a few tweets on Twitter.

On Facebook, commenters have indicating it’s the most exciting thing ever to happen in Northampton. “This dude should be congratulated for livening up what is in essence, a dump,” one said.