The great burrito scare of 2013

Sometimes, a news story perfectly reveals the extent to which the terrorists “have won.”

We give you this from The Oklahoman newspaper.

Burrito causes hubbub at Oklahoma City police station
A minor scare Thursday at an Oklahoma City police briefing station was caused by a burrito.

FROM STAFF REPORTS • Modified: November 21, 2013 at 10:04 pm • Published: November 21, 2013

A minor scare at an Oklahoma City police briefing station Thursday was caused by a burrito, but police aren’t laughing at the culinary-derived confusion.

A man brought a Thermos-type container into the Santa Fe Briefing Station, 9000 S Santa Fe Ave., on Thursday afternoon. The man said he found the container on his lawn and noticed tinfoil showing out of the lid, police Capt. Dexter Nelson said.

Officers told the man to leave the container outside and the police bomb squad X-rayed the item, Nelson said.

Authorities were cautious of the item because of how heavy the container was and the tinfoil protruding from the lid.

The examination determined that the container held a burrito, Nelson said.

Though the item was deemed harmless, Nelson said he does not recommend residents to take items to police stations.

“If you think it might or could be dangerous, you should not touch or move it,” he said. “Call the authorities and we will investigate it there.”