With relatively little notice, soldiers still dying in Afghanistan

While the rest of the world says goodbye to a year, a family in Massachusetts said goodbye today to a son and husband.

Sgt. Daniel M. Vasselian was killed two days before Christmas in Afghanistan and today he came home to Abington, south of Boston. A motorcade escorted the casket from Logan Airport to his hometown.

And people stopped what they were doing:

The incredible picture from the Boston Globe of his family greeting him home is one we’ve seen far too many times.

Sgt. Vasselian,27, was killed four days after the fourth anniversary of his marriage to his high school sweetheart.

Of all of the end-of-year news stories being circulated this week looking back at 2013, very few have anything to do with the war.

U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2013: 127.