Psst, hey, buddy! Got a Metrodome picture?

Curtis Schmillen of Cottage Grove, who oversees construction of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, has done a nice job taking pictures of the dismantling of the Metrodome and posting them on Twitter.

They’ve provided a nice behind-the-scenes look at the deconstruction to make way for the new stadium. And he clearly has a photographer’s eye.

In his latest tweet, however, Schmillen says the team and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Commission have asked him to stop.

He wrote on his Facebook page:

I am NOT a Facebook guy. I was doing a Twiiter feed to share pictures of the new Vikings Stadium, but was asked to stop and let the Vikings and/or the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority control that medium. I was directed to use Facebook to keep some control over who sees the photos.

Obviously, lots of folks are interested in seeing what is happening with the demolition of the Metrodome and the construction of the new facility (Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium). I will share that with those that “hook up” with me. And to my beautiful bride … sorry for mocking you repeatedly for being on Facebook.

“Control over who sees the photos”? Whatever.

On their website, the Vikings posted an infographic about why the new stadium will be so much better, and igniting a discussion about Obamacare.

Advantage, Twitter.