The new bullying in school: Teachers with cameras

Some months ago, we had a good discussion on NewsCut about people — mostly parents — who temporarily take leave of their job as comforters-in-chief to make a video of their distraught children for some quick laughs online.

Now it’s a teacher’s turn.

In Michigan, a teacher filmed a child stuck in a chair for 10 minutes while she waited for a “maintenance worker” to get him out.

The principal has now been fired. The teacher’s situation isn’t quite known because she’s entitled to some privacy as a school employee. Irony, anyone?

The other parents seem to be rallying around her, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“I am almost at a loss for words, to be honest. My son did nothing wrong, but yet this seems to be another case of blaming the victim,” the boy’s mother wrote in a letter to her attorney.