The story of the Prior Lake girl who was bullied with racist taunts is plenty troubling. So is the allegation that the father of the alleged bullies excused his kid’s behavior by noting he uses the “N word” around the house all the time.

But one lingering question is plenty troubling, too. Why did it take the posting of a YouTube video for Brad Knudson to get some measure of satisfaction?
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A big debate over bullying is underway in Fosston, Minnesota after a mother posted a video on Facebook of her crying daughter who had, she alleges, just been bullied by a bus driver and other students.

The resulting debate is about more than bullying. Should the mother have been filming her daughter at a time when comforting seemed the order of the day? Should a news station have been reposting the video without checking to see if the story was true? Why does a mother have to go to this extent to get satisfaction when her kids are being bullied? Read more