Fosston bus driver denies kids’ bullying allegations

Another side of the story is being told in the case of last week’s alleged bullying of two kids in Fosston, Minnesota. Their mother sat them down for a video of them telling their story.

The bus driver, Oran Underdahl, sent a statement to Valley News Live last evening:

My name is Oran Underdahl. I’ve been a bus driver with Fosston Public Schools for six years. I have an impeccable safety record and no disciplinary history. I love my job and the kids that I have been privileged to serve. The outpouring of support from Fosston kids and families in the wake of allegations that I have bullied and/or allowed students to be bullied on my bus route has been overwhelming, and I am truly grateful for it.

Twice a day, I drive 40+ kids to and from school. I take pride in my work, and I have genuine concern for the students who ride my bus. I have never knowingly allowed a student to be “bullied” on my bus. I have never “bullied” a student on my bus (or anywhere else for that matter).

I am confident that one day the truth of this situation will be uncovered and will become known to the public. For now, I will rely on my family, friends, and community for support as I evaluate a potential legal claim against those who have made defamatory statements about me.

Thank you,
Oran Underdahl