Tennessee boy filmed as example of bullying’s impact

Keaton Jones called his mother to pick him up at school the other day. He was afraid to go to lunch where, he says, kids poured milk on him, threw bread at him, and put ham down his shirt.

A lot of parents have had a kid crying in the car because of things just like this. They struggle to say the right thing and pretty much can only give their kid a hug.

Keaton’s mother did one other thing: she turned on her cellphone camera. She posted it on Saturday.

Famous people reached out to the young man on Sunday, including members of the Tennessee Volunteers football squad.

Tomorrow, members of the team will go to Keaton’s school for a little talk.

Maybe it’ll work. Maybe kids will take a step back and reconsider how they treat each other.

Or maybe the other kids will smell blood in the water.