Dante Cunningham arrested again

The Minnesota Timberwolves had a chance to make a statement Saturday when Dante Cunningham bailed himself out of jail and flew to Orlando to play for an undermanned team. The team is already out of the playoff picture and it might’ve elevated their status in town to let Cunningham watch from the bench, and maybe think about what it means to get yourself arrested for trying to strangle a woman in your home.

He started the game for the team, instead, then flew home with the squad, then got himself arrested again, this time for making terroristic threats, according to the Star Tribune.

Innocent until proven guilty is the guideline for the justice system, but professional sports is different. Even the Minnesota Vikings get that. They dumped Erin Henderson after yet another drunk driving arrest.

The particulars of Cunningham’s latest adventure with the police isn’t known. Authorities will release a statement tomorrow, the same day Cunningham is to be in court again on the earlier charge.

Cunningham played because the NBA policy is not to suspend or discipline any player until the conclusion of the judicial process.

The team released a statement on Sunday:

“The situation with Dante Cunningham is very fluid and we continue to monitor all available information. We reiterate that the Minnesota Timberwolves do not condone the behavior described in the accusations. We continue to wait for the legal process to run its course and will have further comment when appropriate.”

Should the NBA revisit the policy? Would it make players less likely to get in trouble if they knew there was a price to be paid for doing so?