Dispatches from Planet Pup

More evidence that among the great injustices on the planet is that dogs don’t live longer.

In Cooperstown, North Dakota — about 100 miles northwest of Fargo — a three-year-old boy was found safe early this morning after disappearing six hours earlier from his farm.

Bloodhounds, people on foot, and an airplane were brought in to help. The sheriff tells WDAY that he was about to send people home for the night when a firefighter on an ATV shined his flashlight and the family dog — Cooper — stood up.

He was lying on top of the boy, keeping him warm and protecting him from the rain, authorities said.

In New Jersey, Alexandra James, and her family went to a shelter to get a new dog for her birthday. Her old dog, Reckless, was swept away by Hurricane Sandy. They looked at a dog and liked it because it looked a little like Reckless. It was Reckless.

Ralphee the kitten has feline cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes it impossible for Ralphee to control motor skills. Ralphee was rescued from a horse stable and brought home by a family in Australia. Max the dog already lived there.

No problem, Gawker writes today.

Meanwhile, Mendota Heights has said “no” to dog owners who’ve been using hockey rinks in the summer to let their dogs run a bit, the Pioneer Press says. The city will investigate building a dog park.