Goodbye, Clydesdales. Hello, zombies

It’s a significant moment of cultural change in America.

Budweiser reportedly is dumping the iconic Clydesdales in favor of zombies, something that millenials can relate to, apparently.

“The real problem is Budweiser isn’t a particularly good beer,” Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task says. “There’s so much better beer that’s available, which in large part has to do with the craft beer revolution that’s happening in this country.”

Try to follow the logic here. A horse can’t make you like a bad beer. But a zombie can?

Says the Wall St. Journal:

The company has decided that persuading 21- to 27-year-olds to grab a Bud is the best chance to stop the free-fall. After years of developing advertising and marketing that appeals to all ages, AB InBev plans to concentrate future Budweiser promotions exclusively on that age bracket.

That means it will not trot out the traditional Budweiser Clydesdales for this year’s holiday advertising. It means February’s Super Bowl ads will feature something more current than last year’s Fleetwood Mac. It means less baseball and more raves with DJ group Cash Cash.

The marketing push is accompanied by an effort to get Budweiser back on tap. Theory being: If Levi’s and Converse can end years of sales declines by winning over young consumers, so can Bud.

“This is a very considered, long-term view of what will turn around the brand,” said Brian Perkins, AB InBev’s vice president of marketing, Budweiser.

Let’s see your zombie pals do this, millennials.