1,000 Words: The sandbaggers

People in southern California are sandbagging in anticipation of heavy rain.

This is what constitutes flood precautions in southern California, at least as far as the Associated Press is concerned.

Richard Pope places sand bags along his driveway to protect his home from an expected storm in Glendora, Calif. on Monday, Dec.1, 2014.  California is bracing for the arrival of a new, more powerful Pacific storm following a weekend of scattered rain, showers and snow. The National Weather Service says a low-pressure system off the coast will draw a plume of subtropical moisture northward into the state beginning on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

You’re probably going to need more, Richard.

It’s a very real threat because wildfires months ago could lead to mudslides. But none of the sandbag walls — as depicted in this video — are going to stop much, at least the way they’re constructed.