Serial: Jay talks

Let’s face it, Serial fans. You think Jay did it.

The podcast exploring the death of a Baltimore area high school student is over without reporter Sarah Koenig finding out whether the man serving a life sentence was wrongfully convicted. But the man who was the prosecution’s main witness was certainly portrayed as one who’d be most likely to be involved in the death of Hae Min Lee.

He wouldn’t talk on the record for the podcast, but he’s talking now.

The Intercept this afternoon posted its interview with Jay Wilds, who testified that he helped Syed dispose of Lee’s body.

Serial fans have been waiting for the interview since Gawker reported a few days ago that it was coming.

It wasn’t worth waiting for.

In the first of the two part interview, Wilds is only asked about things Koenig already reported, he says he didn’t make the phone call to tip police, but suggests he knows who might have killed the girl.

That comes in part two. We’re guessing the cliffhanger is that he thinks Adnan Syed did it.

update – The woman who first alerted Koenig to the story says the interview shows Jay was lying during the trial.