Adnan Syed, convicted in 2000 of killing his former girlfriend, high school senior Hae Min Lee, in a Best Buy parking lot in 1999, is not going to get a new trial, Maryland’s highest court ruled on Friday. Perhaps you recognize the name; this is the case that practically made podcasting a ‘thing.’ His story, and allegations of ineffective counsel by a lawyer who’s dead, failure to interview an alibi witness, questionable witness testimony, and withheld evidence, was told by the podcast ‘Serial.’ Read more

The podcast exploring the death of a Baltimore area high school student is over without reporter Sarah Koenig finding how whether the man serving a life sentence was wrongfully convicted. But the man who was the prosecution’s main witness was certainly portrayed as one who’d be most likely to be involved in the death of Hae Min Lee.

He wouldn’t talk on the record for the podcast, but he’s talking now. Read more