Revenge of the jack rabbits in Fargo

Nature is doing a number on a neighborhood in south Fargo, the Fargo Forum reports.

The jack rabbits appear to be breeding like jack rabbits and they’ve taken over the neighborhood along 33rd Avenue South, west of 45th Street.

“The front yard is full of droppings,” said Darren Schneibel, who sees hares settle down in his yard at night. “They eat the grass, and they just kill it.”

You don’t eat a person’s grass, jack rabbits.

But the cops are staying out of it.

“Typically, we don’t deal with wild animals per se, especially if they’re not a safety concern,” a police lieutenant said.

Fargo doesn’t allow hunting in the city limits, except by bow and arrow.

Maybe a wood chipper?

Archive: MPR: Trouble on the Bunny Trail (MPR News).