Spotted Cow bust spawns Minnesota jokes in Wisconsin

The great Spotted Cow threat is over now that authorities have put a quick stop to a Maple Grove bar’s bootlegging operation. Spotted Cow beer is supposed to only be sold in Wisconsin.

Jim Stingl, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist, today lets the puns fly.

With Gov. Scott Walker running around the country all the time, Wisconsin is vulnerable to these Viking raids. Clearly, Minnesota is interpreting its reciprocity with Wisconsin too broadly.

Beer borrowing from beyond their borders could get out of hand in a hurry. Don’t be surprised if the Twin Cities start calling themselves Minneapolis-St. Pauli Girl. Or Maple Grove may suddenly reincorporate as Newer Glarus as a loophole. And someday you’ll find yourself shopping at the Malt of America.

I’m sure Minnesota makes some good beer, though the state name loosely translates to “insignificant beverage.” The state itself is shaped a little like a crushed beer can.

If they want some of our brewers, how about we give them our baseball team. (Sorry, that was mean, but it’s been a rough start to the season. I’d suggest we could swap for the Twins, but they’re nearly as many games out of first place already as we are.)

The bar owner, blaming an overly enthusiastic employee, called the brewing company’s owner to apologize.

“Nice guy. Buys my beer. Calls to apologize. I think the guy’s great,” Deb Carey said.