Video: Plane lands on busy highway

When a small airplane loses power, the laws of physics say there’s only one place to go — down. A pilot might only have a few seconds to decide on making the best of a bad situation.

Roads make a good choice, especially if it’s in a sparsely populated area. But the shore of New Jersey isn’t sparsely populated.

Nonetheless, a pilot got lucky this week.

Stafford Police say the single-engine Cessna was full of skydivers and suffered a sudden power failure, according to the Newark Star Ledger. The pilot didn’t hit any cars.

By the way, next week, an otherwise sleepy hamlet becomes the businest airport in the world when the gigantic EAA AirVenture returns to Oshkosh.

So here’s a heads up that starting Tuesday, all of my posts — and there won’t be that many each day — will be from Oshkosh and if you’re not that interested in things having to do with aviation and historical record, you may want to skip things around here.

Sadly, one of the forums I’m missing — because I’m flying back for a concert at the Minnesota Zoo on Thursday before returning to Oshkosh — is one featuring women rocket scientists. We haven’t heard a lot from women rocket scientists and it could be an insightful conversation.

(h/t Dan Olson, Will Lager)