Amazon begins food delivery in the Twin Cities

I had a craving for potato chips today, but there are no chips in the house.

Fortunately, Amazon started its new home-delivery service in the Twin Cities today, confirming a report earlier this week in Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

All you have to do is be an Amazon Prime member and download the nifty app.


You enter your zip code (most areas in the metro are covered, and that includes low-income areas, which was a concern when Amazon first announced the service).

You’re not limited to groceries. What’s in this “Twin Cities Love” category?

Of course, Vikings earrings. Because sometimes you just have to have some NFL-themed earrings right now.


As luck would have it, I’m stocked up on Vikings earrings, so it’s on to the groceries.

The prices aren’t unreasonable.


But let’s get to the payoff.


Now, here’s the problem. I really only need some chips. But Amazon requires a minimum $20 purchase.

OK, throw in a new extension cord, Amazon.


If I really can’t wait for the chips and extension cord, I can pay $8 to have it within an hour. Or I can wait and get it delivered free within two hours. And by “free”, I mean for the $22.99 that I hadn’t really intended to spend when I logged into the service.

And by two hours, I mean roughly an hour and 55 minutes more than the time it would’ve taken me to ride up to the Kowalski’s a mile away and get some chips. But you can’t buy extension cords at Kowalski’s, so I guess it’s all good with this whole idea, which should shake up the home-delivery market according to the Business Journal.

Unresolved is the etiquette of Amazon delivery. Do you have to tip the courier as you would a pizza-delivery driver?

We haven’t checked the delivery time yet, because I didn’t bother with my order. I have to get to work and I figure I’ll swing by the store and pick up the chips myself.