Wisconsin loves its drunk drivers

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Wisconsin is getting some national shaming today for its refusal to make drunk driving a crime when it’s someone’s first offense.

The Badger State, which holds the distinction of being the No. 1 binge-drinking state, is also the only state that gives a free pass to drunks on the road, CBS News says.

State Sen. Tim Carpenter has authored four of the six bills that toughened sanctions against drunk drivers this year. Not a one made it to the Senate floor.

Why not? Because too many Wisconsinites are hammered when they drive.

“If you had everyone appear before the judge, it would be very difficult I think for the system to deal with that right now,” Scott Fitzgerald, majority leader of the Senate, said.

Logic, Wisconsin style.

A new bill has been introduced that takes another shot at stopping the carnage on the state’s highways.

It would strip a drunk driver of his/her license to drive. After five DUIs.