Wisconsin town’s streets run white with toilet paper

Say what you will about Wisconsin, but we have now reserved a new place in our cold heart for Hustisford, Wis., thanks to this video Thursday from the Milwaukee Journal -Sentinel documenting the toilet bowl parade.

Apparently, it’s a new year’s tradition in the town, led by the king and queen who throw rolls of toilet paper to the crowd. The spectators also arm themselves with rolls of paper and throw it back.

“This is the biggest thing in Hustisford,” Phil Nehls, one of the event’s founders, tells the Watertown Daily Times. This year’s parade was the 54th.

Cook said he and Nehls and some other friends came up with the concept for the annual Hustisford Toilet Bowl, which started as a pickup game of tackle football between two of the bars in the village. The tackle football game was discontinued a few years ago because of liability concerns.

Cook said the annual event was a fundraiser for the Hustisford Fire Department for many years and now is a fundraiser for the Hustisford Community Hall.

“These two were the king and queen of the annual parade,” Cook said as he motioned to Phil and Sherry Nehls.

“It was really something back then,” Sherry said down playing the couple’s reign in 2006. “The crowds were huge. It’s a fun community event.”

Her husband said the same.

“People came out in droves. They still do,” he said. “The street was almost white with toilet paper.”

Jesse Bischoff was the king for this year’s parade. As tradition dictates, he drank a beer from a goblet, consisting of a toilet plunger.