Wisconsin city on edge as clown stands on sidewalk, does nothing

The mere mention of the word clown can send people into hiding.

A clown with an orange jumpsuit has Waukesha, Wis., under the covers.

It’s not clear what the clown is up to. But for the last week, he has stood on Main Street, looking clownlike but otherwise doing nothing that would constitute illegality, WISN reports.

The TV station reported that police have determined the clown is a developmentally delayed teenager “doing this to see people’s reaction. Both he and his parents were advised several times it would really help us out if he wouldn’t stand out there doing that.”

But now a new wrinkle: copycat clowns.

Police say someone dressed in a Joker mask is also standing on the street doing nothing, but making residents nervous.

“It is odd, strange behavior, but not illegal,” Sgt. Jerry Habanek said.