Rare bird drawing fans to Duluth

If that doesn’t look like an angel to you, then maybe you’re not much of a bird person.

“I can’t get enough of it,” one fan of an ivory gull tells the Duluth News Tribune. “It’s like seeing an angel. So beautiful and mysterious.”

The mystery is what the heck the angel gull is doing in Duluth; it’s native to the Arctic.

“This is a huge deal,” he said. “People have come from Toronto and New York.”

For birders, it was a double dose of heaven for a while. There were two. But one was found dead in Superior, Wis., believed to have been forced to the ground by a raptor, and then finished off by prey on the ground.

It’s tough being a heavenly bird.

Pictures of the carcass have been posted on “Laura’s Birding Blog.” There are gorgeous images of the live one, too.