From these ashes, the past may yet rise again

Ron Krassin put his quadcopter to good use yesterday, documenting the damage from the fire yesterday that destroyed the Tink Larson ballfield in Waseca.

I know what you’re thinking; Sure, the grandstand is gone, but the ballfield is still there.

And that’s true. On the other hand, every baseball diamond is essentially the same; it’s everything else that makes a ballfield distinctive.

Waseca County News says the damage will be bulldozed away, temporary bleachers will be built, and the games will be played on the field this year.

But the seats that were salvaged from the old Met Stadium are gone for good.

“This was one of the top fields in Minnesota,” Paul Larson, the son of the baseball legend for whom the ballpark is named, said. “And it will be again.”

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